peaceful pines
winter's trail
forest pattern
tomb of the unknown
prison light & shadow
no escape from winter
conoco pump
cabin in the mountains
ghost town schoolhouse
sihouettes in B&W
tree tunnel
basin falls II
cornet falls
triptych windows
arch triptych
old sheldon church
twisted root
sunrise silhouette
tree at dawn
arthur ravenel bridge
pier with sunrise
sea legs
family resembalnce
aspens in B&W
fall in line
aspen trio
among the aspens
aspen welcome
the colors of fall
aspen inspiration
striking gold
first light at crystal lake
the san miguel in autumn
woods lake reflection
fiery aspens
million dollar highway
pond & mesa
before sunset at chimney rock
first light on the sneffels range
fall into winter
log barn in the mountains
shack with relics
pollock inspired
swirling siding
looking through time
doorway to the past
miner's cabin interior
this way
mountain highlight
last light on winter peaks
darkness fell
snow on chimney rock
moonrise with afterglow
milky way over the sneffels range
sunburst at dead horse point
the candlesticks I
another sunrise at mesa arch
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